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The Green Spaces Atlas

The Green Spaces Atlas (GSA) invites young people from different disciplines to conceptualise, visualise and develop urban green space (UGS) models for underutilised spaces in urban neighbourhoods. With the GSA platform, you will provide visual ideas to help various stakeholders (communities, decision makers etc) envision urban green designs.

Building better and greener cities is part of any sustainable climate resilient development pathway. Not only do they sequester carbon, but green spaces are also where communities exercise, relax, create livelihoods, and socialise. City planners in developing countries can be agents that can help mitigate climate change through purposeful design.

The Green Spaces Atlas aims to inspire city planners to design urban environment that works for both the people in those cities and the planet that hosts them.

The pilot of the atlas is set in the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone – GSA is a global platform.